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Head Office
Rowland Road
North Lincolnshire
DN16 1ST

Tel: 01724 870000
Fax: 01724 870001

Accommodation Depot
Celsius Parc
Park Farm Road
North Lincolnshire
DN15 8QP

Tel: 01724 858000
Fax: 01724 870001


From initial incorporation in 1997 and lots of hard work to date, ContainerKing is now acknowledged as a highly reputable business service supplier in three very clear areas of operation, self-storage, cabin and container hire & commercial services.

In the early years we lacked capacity & capital we lacked a brand and identity and we lacked a certain quality and professionalism, which every business needs to prosper. From the early years though we have never lacked courage, conviction of belief, we’ve never lacked stamina nor have we ever lacked a hard work ethic.

At times it’s been extremely tough and during the financial crisis certainly very worrying, but we not only survived all the difficulties and the challenges, but in the event ContainerKing actually benefited by taking advantage of those businesses who fell by the wayside. We have built an excellent business backed by an impressive balance sheet so when you do business with us today, you can be assured we will still be around when you need us again tomorrow.


I’m driven by fear, so my priorities in the early days to make as much money as possible prevailed. As the business has grown and the finances improved my priorities began to change, today I’m highly motivated and obsessed only to make ContainerKing a better business by making our customers and staff alike even happier. My only wish is that we are recognized as being the very best business to work for and the best business to deal with, a business that can be trusted.

ContainerKing not only has competent & experienced staff but has continually invested in better equipment and today boasts the most modern fleet of containers available anywhere which we use for both business and self-storage purposes across a broad base extending to over 500 customers. We have grown our business so successfully because we always put our customers interests first and are obsessed in offering the very best customer service, we take nothing for granted and ContainerKing is one business that has without doubt got its priorities right.


So whenever you are ready, or wish to discuss your requirements we will always be grateful for your enquiry. We do not employ direct sales personnel, we don’t cold call and we certainly don’t employ any heavy sales tactics, our business is generated through general brand awareness and recommendation, our customers trust us for very good reason….we simply don’t disappoint them, we are open and honest and most importantly we try our best to do the simple things well.

Please can I extend our sincere appreciation and thanks for your valued time taking a look at the ContainerKing web site.

Steve Empson - Managing Director

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